Nahw ur Rida


This text has been compiled in aide of a beginner’s course in the study of the basic نحو Syntax points of the Arabic language. Readers should ensure their recognition of صرف Morphology before or whilst embarking this text InshaAllah.

All Praise and thanks is for Allah who bestowed His Divine grace upon us and allowed us to see the completion of Mufti Qazi Hassan Raza’s primer on basic Arabic Grammar. May Allah increase his knowledge and grant him the ability to bring guidance to many people InshaAllah, Ameen

Special acknowledgement must go towards our parents and teachers for their encouragement, and those who assiste with this compilation in tirelessly proofreading and editing and all the members of IBEQ (Dr.Zaroon Hussain, Dr.Qazi Hamid Raza, Maulana Muhammad Rizwan Naeem, Maulana Mohammed Ishtiaq, Shaykh Ustadh Omar Tahir, Maulana Asam Hussain(Q), Maulana Zaheer Ali, Hafiz Abbass Bashir, Aasam Khan, Waqar Ahmed, Shahzad Aziz, Ustadhah Shaista Naz, Ustadhah Maisoun Jazar).


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