Muslim Funeral Rites In Light of the COVID-19 Pandemic


Mufti Qazi Hassan Razza is a world renowned Islamic research scholar with a catalogue of works in four different languages. He has also founded over seventy educational institutes across the world that provide combined secular and religious educational programmes, from which thousands of students have graduated, many going on to become highly qualified scholars in their own right. His educational initiative across the UK includes five institutes under the banner of Al Markaz Ul Islami. In 2003, the Shaykh established Save The Mother’s Trust, an international NGO that provides aid relief worldwide, as well as managing 2 charity hospitals. He later founded SMBF, an international network for business & professionals to develop mutually beneficial relationships and share expertise. He is also an Islamic and spiritual counsellor providing support through various programmes and services.

The Shaykh has also established a research team that is comprised of his students who are dually qualified in both the Islamic sciences and various other disciplines, in order to develop comprehensive and relevant Islamic guidance to cater to the needs of the national and international Muslim population. This includes Almarkaz Medics; a team of NHS professionals and religious experts who offer advice, support and guidance on issues related to health and wellbeing in association with Bradford Council of Mosques.

Previous works authored by the Shaykh cover a wide range of topics including the Qur’anic sciences, Hadith, Arabic language, spirituality and history. The Shaykh has also authored works on Islamic law, including a book entitled Fiqhul Mustashfa: Islamic rulings for the Hospital. This present work relates to Islamic rulings for the deceased, particularly in light of the current pandemic. It also includes guidance and support for those who have lost loved ones.

‘Indeed, Allah has purchased from the believers their lives and their properties, for that they will have Paradise…’ At Tawbah


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