Mu’jamul Qur’an – A Dictionary of the Qur’an


Mufti Qazi Hassan Razza is a world renowned Islamic research scholar with a catalogue of works in four different languages. He has also founded over seventy educational institutions worldwide with thousands of students, many of whom have become highly qualified scholars in their own right. To date, over two hundred people have accepted Islam at his hand. In 2003, he established the international NGO Save the Mother’s Trust, which provides aid relief worldwide. He later founded Support Muslim Business Forum (SMBF), an international network for Muslim Businesses and professionals. He is a qualified homeopath and counsellor and runs an active clinic from which many have found benefit.

He has a deep love for the Qur’an and has spent decades serving its teachings. He teaches the entire Qur’anic tafsir in English on an annual basis. This course is attended by hundreds of men and women and different topics are discussed each year. It takes place at Almarkaz Ul Islami, his institute in West Yorkshire. Works authored by him relating to the Qur’an include:

Uslubu-l-Qasri bi Innama fil-Qur’ani-l-Kareem, an entire thesis dedicated to one word found in the Qur’an: Innama. (Arabic)

Al-Af’al fi-l-Qurani-l-Karim, a compilation of all the verbs in the Qur’an. (Arabic)

A Grammatical Analysis of the 30th Juz of the Qur’an, a unique colour coded system to assist students with the study of Arabic grammar. (Arabic)

Khulasa-e-Qur’an, a summary of the entire Qur’an and its themes. (Urdu)

Arabic Words Present in Urdu, an Urdu text designed to assist the Urdu reader with understanding the Qur’an. (Urdu)

This most recent work is an Arabic-English dictionary of every word of the Qur’an in order, with the removal of repetitions. It is designed to help both non-Arabic speakers and Arabic students to understand the Book of Allah, making it easier to appreciate its meanings.

“The best of you are those who learn the Qur’an and teach it.” Bukhari


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