Eraab us Salah


It has been a great blessing of Allah All-Mighty who enabled the starting of this work and facilitated the completion of this work! This work was completed by our teacher, Mufti Qazi Hassan Razza Hazarvi whilst bed-stricken in hospital recovering from a severe viral condition! May Allah All-Merciful grant them a swift and complete recovery.

This text is the grammatical analysis of the whole of salah. It has been a long tradition for students to learn the rules of grammar nahw and then to practice analysing texts to determine the complete grammatical structure of sentences.

This teaching resource allows students who have learnt the rules of grammar, nahw, to practically determine the grammatical position of words and phrases within sentences. Making them proficient in arriving at precise translations.

This novel way of teaching grammatical analysis, Iraab, has two benefits one it familiarises the student with the accurate meaning of prayer. Secondly, it sharpens the student’s grammar skills by bringing together all the rules learnt and how they relate to each other in a composite way.

This text was completed by our teacher Mufti Qazi Hassan Razza Hazarvi on (4th Rabee-u-thanee 1434 H, Thursday 14th February 2013) included is the handwritten completion text.


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